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Alright. Let's get one thing straight. This is a PUNK page. If you don't like punk, then leave. I don't care. If you do like punk, read on. Oh yeah, one more thing. Radio sucks and so does MTV. Actually, you freaks are right, MTV doesn't suck. It blows.
I don't know why this page is called East Bumblepunk, except that I live in East Bumblefuck, NY, so I guess I listen to east bumblepunk. whatever. The great thing about Orane County, New York is that you don't have to travel far to see great bands. Lounge, for one, kicks ass and is from Newburgh. They just got back together after being broken up for a while. Thank god. Larsen, another great band, is from Warwick, and Cooter are from Harriman. Jerk Magnet can't be forgotten, along with Stick Figure Suicide (they're from Jersey I think), LWL (from NJ), and a bunch of others. We are VERY fortunate to have BigWig and Beefcake playing around here all the time. NOFX. As punk as you can friggin' get. Nothing more can be said about these four guys than they are one of THE best. You gotta see 'em in concert to appreciate it. Offspring have been around a while and they still kick ass. Old and new, their music is cool, any album is great. Great punk sound. I saw a concert with Living End (awesome Australian punk) and Ozomatli in February. And by the way the way, OZOMATLI BLOWS HARD! (Send Ozomatli Hate Mail) A great punk/ska group who I just recently saw at WARPED TOUR!!! is Less Than Jake. I saw MxPx, GetUpKids, and Cooter at the Chance in November. MxPx an unbelievable band. They left their old label (Tooth and Nail Records) but you can still find them on A&M. Too bad they went to a major label.
You know what, I could go on an on an on about all of the bands I like, because of how good most punk bands are! So, please choose one of the links below to view a bunch of punk links.

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