Friends and Other Associations
Well, here we go.... This friends page is gonna be pretty crappy because I do not have any pictures of my friends, so it will be just a basic list.

Jen Hobbs -- I just met her this summer doing a play in Monroe. She's great, we've been going out happily for a while now.

Tara Kirk -- One of my best friends. She's been there for me through a lot, and she's a really FUNNY GIRL. I once spit smoothie all over the back of her head after seeing a really goofy-looking guy in the mall. "Excuthe me!" "pink" "Nyahee Nyahee Nyeah ho!" (inside jokes)

Brendan Boss -- Tara's other half. He's a really cool guy -- smart AND funny. There's so few of us. "Slap my straight-ass hand five, man!"

Bobby White -- my other best friend. He's a really quiet kid, but when you get to know him, he's a pretty cool guy. He always beats me at everything, though. Monopoly, grades, soccer, running, EVERYTHING DAMMIT!

Dan Kerrigan -- weird dude. Packer fan. If you ever need a stupid retort, he's the guy to go to. It's not really a bad thing, it's actually really funny. "That's Dasty!"

Katherine Allen -- We annoy the hell out of each other! Both know it's kidding though. Well, we don't really annoy each other, we just poke fun at each other. It's hilarious watching us argue. "She hit the headpin..."

Ange Catenaro (I promised her I'd make a page just for her)-- in college. She still finds a way, though, to visit and rank on me in some way. "pudding in the shower"

Gina Yates -- This girl is always laughing. If you ever just want to crack up and be in a good mood, this is the person to come to. "HOLD ME! HOLD ME..."

Dani Helms -- We have so many inside jokes it's not funny! We were rattling off all of our inside jokes one day, and it was taking so long, and we were laughing so hard about things that no one could understand! My girlfriend at the time, Erica, got mad and stomped away because she thought I was flirting. "+ or - 3i in a box" "corner lockers" "lipstick" I could go on.

Nicole Vanleuvan and Amy Cogen -- These two are best friends. They're always smiling or saying something weird, it's pretty cool. Amy's obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio. It's great pissing her off with that.

Amanda Briggs and Scott Briggs -- twin brother and sister. I think they bum Humanities answers off of each other (just kidding). Anyway, they're very different people. I pretty much agree with most of what Scott says, and I argue with Amanda a lot about dumb things, like whether you say "one in the morning" or "one at night" when it's 1 a.m. I think it's one in the morning.

Mike Haug and Mike Scarpone -- Both in limbo between high school and college. They're pretty much my ride to half the places I go. When people asking who's driving me somewhere, I usually can't go wrong by saying, "Mike."

Amy Brancato and Roxann Waters -- Two more best friends. Amy's obsessed with Jim Morrison and Roxann's obsessed with Kurt Cobain. Both great musicians, but, I'm sorry to say, both dead. sorry.

Kevin and Karen Alstrup -- My saviors on homework! Brother and sister, who are vital to my survival in AP biology. Karen works at Record Town arranging the kids movies and porno films, but I don't know where Kevin works.

I know there's more people, but I haven't gotten to them yet because I really don't have tons of time altogether to work on this page.

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